Need help answering chat? Hire chat agents just for $1hr.

"I can't believe it's free!"

"wow, absolutely perfect!"

"I just want to hug you!"

Message your customers,

they'll love you for it

Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website,

respond to support tickets and create a help center to

empower customers to help themselves – all 100% Free

Easy set-up •Free Forever • Secure.

Live Chat • Ticketing • Knowledge Base • Chat Pages • Team Chat • + More


Because you need a free and easy way to communicate with your customers

Get close

Your customers have questions before they buy. Be where they are, when they need you, so they have the confidence they need to choose you over the competition. Every time

Get organized

With customer data siloed across so many tools, it’s hard to get a top-down view of the customer journey. Not anymore. You now have one place for all your customer interactions.

Get in front

Easily identify FAQs and capture help center searches to create articles and shortcuts, so agents can respond faster, and customers can get help without having to make contact

How does it work?

Add a small JavaScript snippet to your site — it takes 30 seconds to get started

Monitor customer

activity in real time

See which pages your visitors are on in real time, what they are searching for

within your Knowledge Base and how often they visit your website. View

activity across their entire journey. See clearly which team member

responded to a customer last and maintain a complete conversation history.

Meet customers  

where they are

Access is the currency of the web. You need to be where your customers are,

and if you’re not, your competitors will be. With tools like Live Chat,

Ticketing, a Knowledge Base and video and voice add-ons, you have what you need to be there for customers when and where they need you most.

Collaborate and 

assign conversations

Tag and assign conversations to members of your team and ensure the right

person is responding at the right time. Seeing the entire journey alongside

customer data gives you the power to respond with context and ultimately

create memorable and positive customer experiences.

Easily share

your knowledge

Streamline support with a free customizable Knowledge Base that both your

team and your customers are going to love. Easily share your team’s know-how internally alongside chats, then select what to publish publicly.

Have intelligent


Being able to respond to a conversation within

the context of a customer journey, armed with

shortcuts and Knowledge Base articles, makes it

easy to deliver epic customer experiences.

Don't take our word for it though …

See how 5+ MILLION people use to get closer to their customers


Ranked #1 with a 98% customer satisfaction score, millions of people use to interact with billions of customers.

All the Features, without the price tag

A truly customizable live chat and customer communication platform packed with premium features

45+ Languages

JavaScript API

Group Messaging

Video + Voice (Add-on)

Agent > Agent Messaging

Screen Sharing

Desktop Notifications

1880+ Emoji

Geo IP Tracking

Unlimited Agents

Track Sentiment

Unlimited History

Track Engagement

Detailed Reporting

Ban/Unban Visitors

Agent Alerts


Mail Notifications

File Transfer

File Transfer Tags

Attention Bubble


Domain Restriction


Message Filtering

High Load Dashboard

Secure Encryption

Custom Tabs

Message sneak-peek

Visitor Information

In-Chat Payments (beta)

Automated Translation (beta)

Have questions?

Let's do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions

How many agents can we add?

There are no limits to the number of agents you can add to a property. is an agent-centric chat application, which means every agent has their own account and you can share properties.

How can you offer this for free?

We generate revenue by providing Hired Agent services for customers that don’t want to answer the chat themselves.

To use the software and answer yourself is completely free, with no limits at all on the number of Agents, chat volumes or sites you can add widgets to. is truly 100% free and then just $1/hr if you need professionally trained, native speaking chat agents to help you answer your chats.

Win/Win right?

Do you limit the number of concurrent chats?

No. You can answer as many concurrent chats as you wish. There are no limits.

Is our data safe?

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. All communication between you and your visitors is over SHA-256 Secure Socket Layer, and all data is housed on encrypted servers.

Will I ever be charged to use the software?

There are no limits to the number of agents you can add to a property. is an agent-centric chat application, which means every agent has their own account and you can share properties.

Are there any Ads?

No! We do not have any annoying Ads within! Yuck!

Under no circumstance would we ever sell your data, or promote 3rd party products to you. You are not the product.

How do I get support?

We offer 24×7-365 live support via both chat and email. Simply initiate a chat on our site at any time, and a member of our dedicated support team will help as best as they can

Where can I find documentation?

The Help Center can be found here.

Do you offer a self-hosted solution? is a hosted solution. We don’t currently offer an on-premise option. However, we would like to shed some light on this issue, as it’s important to understand why that is the case. is currently hosted at Google Cloud, with a globally distributed architecture, to bring the application as close as possible to both our customers and end consumers. Due to the nature of Messaging, the speed (and latency) of message delivery can be the difference between a great or poor visitor experience.

For a product like Live Chat, on-premise hosting is honestly a really bad idea.

How many businesses use is the world’s #1 most widely used live chat software. More than 35% of all websites that use live chat, use

Millions of business users communicate with billions of end consumers via In fact, over 2 billion end consumers interact with a widget each and every month.

That’s 1/5th of the world’s population.

When is your next Meetup?

Something we are most proud of at is the number of incredible relationships we have made within our community. Which is why we‘ve continued to invest in global-meetups since inception.

From Bali to Berlin and Melbourne to Milan, we regularly meet with our community. We’ve learned so much from the time we’ve spent together.

Given the current restrictions impacting global travel, we have suspended Meetups. To register your interest and see where the crew will be next, please bookmark We can’t wait to meet you all out there soon!

Where are you based?

We trade from Las Vegas, Nevada, though has a globally distributed team. We hire the best people we can find, regardless of location. We are a diverse crew. And when we say diverse, we really mean it.

Our CEO/founder is an Italian-Australian, our CTO is an Indian-Malaysian, our COO is a Russian-Latvian and we are made up of hundreds of dedicated crew members spread across 20 different countries and all time zones. Just between our founders alone, we speak 7 languages. The rest of the crew speak 20+.

We believe you are not defined by where you were born, the religion you follow, the shade of your complexion, or the language you speak. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We hire based on merit and firmly believe that good people attract good people.

“You shouldn't have to pay to

chat with the visitors on your website. They're your


Forever Free. It's that simple.

Robert, founder.

People prefer to message

Your customers have spoken loud and clear. Messaging is their

channel of choice — and you need to be where your customers

are, when they need you the most.

Easy set-up

Easy set-up

Easy set-up

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