A success story dating back to mid seventies, the company built it foundation in tradition and innovation. Over the abt_us1years Bhalwal Fabrics has prided itself on most distinctive features; unrelenting commitment, far-farsightedness,
enduring personal relationship and above all passion for the business is what spurred the founder of the company to pursue great results, and passion is still the driving force behind the present management team.

Bhalwal Fabrics have earned a phenomenal success in the world of fabric. We further strive to acquire distinction in the fabric industries by attaining the position of a market leader. We also look forward to establish standards of quality and adopt modern strategies in order to make our way to the summit.

Bhalwal Fabrics main motive is to endow its customers with premium products and paramount services through persistent efforts so they can achieve an absolute contentment. Our customers have a firm belief in our quality and commitments which make us liable to meet their expectations. Our strategy of providing the customers with utter satisfaction has resulted in an overall 60% growth in the demand last year.

World’s finest fabric qualities like 100% Cotton.

More than a style Bhalwal Fabrics represents a lifestyle and form in complete freedom. Bhalwal Fabrics is all about Unique Prints, Innovative Embroidery, Yarn Dyed Fabrics and brilliant colors. We are trying to reinvent the traditions to build a chic, cutting-edge style & blooming colors which will continue to inspire you all season long.